The Benefits of a Larger Cage

A lot of people are suprised to hear their basic pet store cage is much too small. If you think about it, what DOESN’T make sense about a large cage? Just as we humans would prefer a mansion over an apartment, guinea pigs are noticeably more happier, active, and vocal with a larger area to live in. A few main benefits of a larger habitat include:

More Activity – A more active guinea pig will keep amused and will be less likely to resort to chewing or other destructive behaviors that are usually instigated by boredom.

Fewer Vet Bills – A healthier guinea pig means fewer trips to the veterinarian’s office and more money in your wallet.

Convenience – If you are unable to get your guinea pig out of the cage on a busy day, you don’t need to worry with a larger cage. The guinea pig will be able to exercise whenever he or she wants to. The convenience factor is very appealing to busy working families.

Increased Muscle Tone – Male guinea pigs especially benefit from a larger cage with more opportunity to keep toned and fit. This prevents impaction, which occurs when there is a lack of muscle tone in the anal area, causing a back-up of droppings. If your male guinea pig develops impaction, you will need to perform routine cleanings of the anal sac. A spacious cage is central to the prevention of this unpleasant condition.

Prevention of Obesity – Like humans, an overweight guinea pig will be more at risk to health problems, including bumblefoot, bladder infections, and more. A healthy and fit guinea pig will result in a lesser propensity for these health issues—and fewer trips to the vet office.

More Personality – It’s been said many times before that a guinea pig with more space is happier, and a happier guinea pig shows more personality. With a larger cage, you will see your guinea pig’s personality blossom. You may see more popcorning and lap-running (signs of a contented and comfortable guinea pig), and you may see your guinea pig grow to be more vocal with a larger cage. Improved activity and perkiness is frequently observed with the addition of a larger cage.

If this isn’t proof enough, read some of the testimonials from the Cavy Cages website, home of the famous C&C cages. These are the best cages for guinea pigs and are highly  recommended by both rescues and myself alike.


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