My Wheekers


Jasmine is our seven-year-old sanctuary guinea pig. She will live the rest of her life with us in peace and happiness. She has the biggest attitude, but it’s all just a show. She’ll lick your fingers and snuggle up with you, but she can’t let anyone know that.

Sophia is one of our own guinea pigs, and she is about five years old. She’s sassy too, and she also likes to wheek for vegetables! She is bonded to our neutered boy guinea pig, Little Buddy (we couldn’t think of a real name that fit him), who is about six years old and was adopted from our local humane society. He’s a bit of a special needs piggy, as he needs weekly cleanings of his anal sac to prevent impaction. He’s as sweet as can be, though.


One thought on “My Wheekers

  1. Cherrysmiles says:

    They are all so adorable!

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